Meyers Media Group

Wedding Invitation

Romantic Comedy

Producers: Lawrence Meyers, Jennifer Hare and Randy Dannenberg


The film is on the order of BRIDGET JONES DIARY meets NOTTING HILL about a woman who must reconcile with her aging rock-star father who is marrying for the 6th time in order to receive an endowment she needs for her late mother's charity. Along the way she discovers herself, her estranged family and the love she has been looking for.



Producers: Lawrence Meyers and Randy Dannenberg

Director: Will Canon (BROTHERHOOD)

A thriller in the vein of WAR OF THE ROSES and PACIFIC HEIGHTS. The film centers on a young couple who buy their idyllic home in a cul-de-sac where one other home exists. An incident occurs with the neighbor and things begin to execrate. It quickly turns into a tale of just how far you can go before you cross over the line and become the bad neighbor.

Four Husbands

Romatic Comedy

Producers: Lawrence Meyers, Randy Dannenberg David Chisholm, Stepfanie Kramer, Jonathan Tybel.

Director: Nigel Cole (CALENDAR GIRLS)

A comedy centering on a woman who has been previously married three times and now has to decide whether she wants to take the plunge for the fourth time. She asks her three previous husbands to take their respective kids for a week while she decides her decision to marry or not. When the ex-husbands get wind she is thinking of remarrying they each make a play for her as each of them are still very much in love with her thus complicating her ability to make a decision.


Blue On Blue

Crime Thriller

Producers: Brendan McDonald, Lawrence Steven Meyers, and Randy Dannenberg

Director: Jon Amiel ("ENTRAPMENT", "THE CORE", "COPYCAT")

Emmett Conlin is a rookie cop aspiring to be one of the finest in the Los Angeles Police Department until he's unexpectedly lured into the toughest crime unit in the city and finds that his greatest danger lies within the department. Set against the teeming and dangerous backdrop of South Central L.A., CITY OF NIGHT is an explosive, sexually intense thriller in the tradition of "LA CONFIDENTIAL" and "THE DEPARTED". 

The B-Team


Producers: Alexandra Paul, Lawrence Steven Meyers, Randy Dannenberg
Director: Chris Cottam (SET LIST: STAND UP WITHOUT A NET)

Starring much of the cast from the 12 season TV series BAYWATCH playing themselves, the tongue-in-cheek story centers on the CIA reactivating a group of operatives who once worked undercover as actors on an internationally successful tv series - because being famous is the best cover of all! These secret agents successfully gathered vital foreign intel on worldwide promotional tours and autograph signings for their television show. The CIA derisively calls them "The B Team" but, despite their series being cancelled long ago and the actors/spies themselves being almost forgotten, the team is re-engaged to bring down a rogue international terrorist enamored with Hollywood, and thus save the world.