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Written & Directed by Pete Dowling (writer of FLIGHTPLAN)
Starring Radha Mitchell, Rupert Graves, David Robb and Iain McElhinney


The story centers on a couple, Tora and Duncan, who have moved from New York to an island off of Scotland where Duncan is from in order to adopt a baby.  Tora, who is also a doctor, discovers a woman buried on her property with strange carvings etched into the dead woman's body which are similar to carvings Tora has noticed throughout the island. She was told the woman was buried there hundreds of years ago but Tora is convinced it is a more recent murder. Duncan, her father-in- law and the police have told her to let it go but Tora continues to investigate as she believes it is all tied into a cult which is involved in the sacrificial killing of women in order to steal their babies.



Directed by Michael Dwyer. Starring Veronica Sixtos (Quinceanera) Roberto Urbina (Che: Part One), Julio Cedillo (Sicario), Jesse Garcia (The Avengers)

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Claudia is caught up in a credit card scam and when arrested is discovered to have been brought to America illegally as a baby - therefore is undocumented. As a punishment, she is deported back to Mexico, a country she does not know and to a language she barely understands and does not speak. She ends up on her estranged father's ranch - a man who wants nothing to do with her - but her grandmother feels there is hope for her to turn her life around. Her father puts Claudia to work on the ranch, but she soon gets wrapped up in a criminal enterprise with smugglers who use the vast ranch to transport their drugs unbeknownst to her father and grandmother. Claudia thinks the leader of this gang can be her ticket back to America and decides to seduce him. However, she is in over her head and the path she choses is fraught with danger.


True Love Story

Directed by Peter Gardos.


A beautiful love story inspired around the true events of the director's (Peter Gardos) parents own relationship, which he unearthed upon being given his parents love letters written in the months after WWII. Originally written as a book, FEVER AT DAWN has been sold to 22 countries and was on the top 10 list at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair and was one of the most sought after books at the London Book Fair this past Spring.

It's 1945 and Miklos is looking for love. Having amazingly survived the Nazi death camps and now living in a hospital in Sweden, he has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis and is given only six months to live. Rather than accept his fate he sets out on a mission to find a wife in this exquisite tale of love while trying to outwit his own death. Gardos' gives us in this story a movie comparable in tone with the full of range of emotion last seen in the award winning film LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.