Meyers Media Group


Meyers Media Group (MMG) was formed in September 2011.

Its mission is to encourage and support the productions of commercial motion pictures fully capable of competing at the theatrical box-office as well as other media, either established or newly developed, for distribution by Major and Independent distributors in the United States as well as throughout the world.

The strength of the company is based on MMG’s management ability to evaluate the commercial viability of each project. The company will rely on the strong experience of its executive team which includes Lawrence Steven Meyers, Randy Dannenberg and Bobby Meyers. These executives are well placed to build MMG’s slate of product and ultimately its library utilizing their relationships with the Hollywood creative community including agents, lawyers, managers, directors, talent as well as some of the leading independent producers in both the United States and those throughout the world.

The company's mission includes:

Taking advantage of the executive team’s many relationships with potential co-production partners and their knowledge in accessing the “soft money” potential that exist worldwide including the tax advantages and incentives in foreign countries as well as those existing in the United States. This approach to financing, along with a minimized equity need, will allow for the most economical approach to producing commercial product. The senior management in the past had negotiated deals for films with such companies as Bavaria Film Studios and Balbesberg Studios in Germany, E Motion in the UK, Film Affrika in South Africa, Arcadia in Spain and Village Roadshow in Australia to name a few.

Developing a program to take advantage of new media, which would call for developing films that could premiere on VOD platforms.

Acquiring material for mobile downloads and web episodes.

Exploring the opportunities that exist, for example in the television business, by working on projects that can be put together using co-production opportunities. The company has already identified its first project which would be a Canadian/UK co-production.